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Top Tips for Dealing With Mishaps and Setbacks on the Exhibit Floor

Any important task has its fair share of challenges, difficulties, and outright problems that will occur. That includes when you’re putting on an exhibit at a show. However, what makes you a top professional is the ability to problem-solve and still accomplish vital goals. Consider common struggles that occur on the show floor and how […]

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Refresh Your Trade Show Booth in 3 Cost-Effective Ways

Trade shows are crucial to business success. They provide opportunities to meet vendors, prospective clients, and competitors. A business risks revenue without an adequate showing at a trade show, which is why creating an exciting and in-your-face booth design is paramount. If you want to gain the attention of clients and vendors, you need to […]

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3 Ways Positioning of Your Product Makes a Difference in Stores

Predicting customer habits, likes, and dislikes may seem confusing at first. However, learning about where your product is on a shelf can influence how often people buy it and can help you think about your marketing strategy. A common phrase that relates to this phenomenon is “eye level is buy level,” which refers to how […]

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The Importance of Exhibit Design

When businesses attend events such as trade shows and conventions, they have to make the most out of those opportunities. At events where first impressions are everything, the staging and presentation materials that they use can have a big influence on how attendees perceive a business.  Here are a few reasons why it is so […]

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5 Tips on Building Your New Exhibit

Communicate Your Actual Budget With Bidders People fear that sharing a budget means spending it all rather than being conservative. However, the experience is like home buying; without a reference figure, there is miscommunication, frustration, and, worst of all, wasted time. For best results, provide a budget range. Communicate what exactly is included in the […]

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Trade Show Canceled? 5 Ways To Get The Most Out of Your Exhibit Now

If your trade show plans have recently been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are many creative ways to get the most out of your exhibit rather than let it sit unused or take up space in your company’s storage room. Our team has put together our top ideas you can use now, in […]

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Create Engagement At Your Booth

Trade shows present businesses with a great way to engage with potential customers and to get the word out about their business, products and services. However, simply being present at a trade show is not enough. You need to look for ways to make the most of this opportunity so that you can convert attendees […]

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Renting vs. Buying Trade Show Displays Dimensional Exhibits

Renting vs. Buying Your Trade Show Display

It’s no secret that trade shows are a great networking opportunity, an exciting way to grow your brand visibility and the best time for your team to represent your company by passing out branded swag. They’re the ultimate opportunity to make a great impression on your fellow industry leaders and to gather high quality, qualified […]

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