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We are committed to developing long-term business relationships

At Dimensional Exhibits, we know that the success of any project or program requires dedicated exhibit and event management services personnel with a thorough understanding of our client’s objectives. Dimensional Exhibits’ professional account management team ensures that the appropriate level of resources and expertise is available to you, our clients.

Our team is committed to developing long-term business relationships by providing extraordinary client service. We are dedicated to being your full service, custom exhibit and event management partner.

Trade Show Exhibit Rentals or Purchase

We provide nationwide, custom trade show rental exhibit programs offered to address the needs of trade show exhibitors looking to reduce exhibit costs without compromising impact and presence!

You will be able to enjoy the custom look and feel of a purchased custom display. Arches, curves, light boxes and custom colors will make your next trade show an event-marketing success!


Your brand is your business, and brand image can make the difference for someone to decide whether or not they would like to work with you.

We offer a wide range of services for fabrication:

  • Custom Fabriction
  • Large Scale Digital Printing
  • Fabric Integration
  • Laminating
  • Refurbishment

Every exhibit is different and some can be refurbished for a fraction of the cost of a new exhibit. With a wide array of trade show repair and refurbishment services available, take a moment to consider your brand. Talk with Dimensional Exhibits’ client advocates about new graphics, new branding elements, lighting accents, expanding spaces and adding unique furniture.

Our production and fabrication departments will bring the same award-winning skills to your refurbishment project as they do to a brand new custom exhibit and create a new experience for all.

Installation and Dismantle Service​

Dimensional Exhibits partners with labor companies that specialize and support our clients by using only expert teams that are well trained in trade show installation and dismantle services. Our teams and supervisors are available in all major national exhibit halls and venues.

Flooring Rental

We offer standard to premium carpet in a variety of colors, custom laminate and Flex Flooring to fit within the design criteria of your exhibit. We offer guaranteed low prices with installation and removal included.

Show Order / Exhibitor Manual Services

We take the headache and the confusion out of completing complex show order forms so you can focus on more important objectives. We guarantee form submission before show deadline dates so you know you are getting the best show price every time.

Exhibit and Event Management

There is no reason to keep incurring long haul shipping costs every time you exhibit at a trade show. We provide a clean, organized, climate controlled facility to insure that your assets will be securely stored and ready when you need them.

Clients find that our warehouse facilities are the ideal storage and staging solution for the custodial care of their trade show and event exhibits. And beyond that, our warehouse staff provides additional indispensable services such as previewing and booth assembly training prior to event installation. We can help make last minute graphic upgrades and add promotional items when shipping your exhibit. When it’s time for your display to ship, we handle all of the shipping details and 24-hour tracking. You will know where your booth is at any given time.

Our maintenance crew is on call to provide inspection and maintenance of your exhibit when it is returned for storage. If needed, refurbishing and restoration of hardware and graphic components is provided to assure long life protection and maintain a condition of readiness for your next trade show or event. You can be confident that your property is in good hands with Dimensional Exhibits’ full-service warehouse care.

We Offer Free Consultations To Find The Perfect Exhibit For Your Event. Call Today! (910) 292-2202

What Our Clients Are Saying

“We worked with Dimensional Exhibits to create a family of displays that can be mixed and matched to be used together or separately at our events based on our needs and available venue space. The professional look of these displays create the perfect backdrop for our events, allowing us to easily brand our institution. The banner stands, mural display, and storage case with graphic are all made of high quality materials and fabrics, and the staff has been very responsive to our needs, addressing any questions or concerns promptly and professionally.”

– Christine B, University at Albany

“We can always trust that our conference booth is in good hands when working with Dimensional Exhibits. They are reliable, friendly and willing to go the extra mile. Thank you!”

– Marina & Mala, Multi-Heath Systems

“We have truly enjoyed working with Jim and his team at Dimensional Exhibits for several years. When we needed to design a new exhibit, their team captured the creative vision we wanted to present and brought it to life. From design to implementation, working with their team has been super easy. They understand the importance of pairing creativity with flawless execution. Their professional approach and the personalized service we receive continues to exceed our expectations.”

– Ted Curtin, LMCA

“The team at Dimensional Exhibits has proven to be trustworthy, budget friendly and, above all else, extremely service oriented! The new exhibit incorporates our desired design elements, meets our booth objectives, and positions us as industry experts.”

– Laura Wallof, Marketing Manager – WPS

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