Trade Show Canceled? 5 Ways To Get The Most Out of Your Exhibit Now

Trade Show Canceled? 5 Ways To Get The Most Out of Your Exhibit Now

If your trade show plans have recently been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, there are many creative ways to get the most out of your exhibit rather than let it sit unused or take up space in your company’s storage room.

Our team has put together our top ideas you can use now, in order to get the most out of your trade show exhibit set up while large events have been canceled and social distancing is in effect. Start maximizing your trade show exhibit investment today!

  1. Use Your Exhibit as a Backdrop for Online Promotional Videos

From graphics and lighting to banners and table top displays, your exhibit makes a great backdrop for promotional or product videos. Make sure it’s looking its best and delivers any branding or custom colors to the best advantage possible.

Whether you’re filming a short promo or a feature-length documentary, your exhibit provides beautiful natural advertising and promotes your brand to viewers.

  1. Use Your Exhibit for Zoom Backgrounds

With the increasing utilization of Zoom and other video conferencing platforms, business professionals are often in need of a background that promotes their company and its values.

When you invest in a custom designed trade show booth set up, your exhibit will undoubtedly include splashes of your brand’s logo and highlight the overall tone of your company. This makes the perfect background for professional video conference calls with business partners, staff and potential clients.

  1. Give a Virtual Tour of Your Exhibit

A canceled trade show doesn’t mean you can’t share your exhibit and its fabulous banners, literature racks and accessories with the world. Give the public an online virtual tour of your exhibit via your website or social media platforms.

When you give them a sneak peek of what they can expect at future trade shows, it allows you to build rapport and familiarity with potential partners and customers.

We suggest adding this tour to your social media networks – it builds on your branding and exhibits your enthusiasm and positivity – even though your tradeshow was canceled, it doesn’t get you down, and who better to highlight this to, than your online followers, network and potential customers!

  1. Use Your Exhibit as a Staff Photo Booth

Just as your exhibit provides a natural background for your Zoom and other video conferencing meetings, it also provides an ideal background for staff photos. Organize a staff photo session and snap headshots of your staff in a professional environment.

Whether or not your company has a uniform or dress code, your exhibit background unites your staff members in the eyes of the public. There are many great ideas to highlight your staff – some ideas we suggest using this for are:  a website team page, “meet the team” or “employee of the quarter” blog, and social media posts to get personable with your followers.

  1. Use Your Exhibit for Product Photos

Whether you sell food items, clothing, electronics, homegoods or something else, your exhibit provides an ideal environment in which to style and photograph or video your products. Take advantage of your exhibit’s LED lightboxes or bring in additional lighting to effectively highlight and capture your products. Think of your exhibit as a photography or film studio and let your creativity soar. This is great for eCommerce and brick and mortar businesses!

If you have questions on how to further maximize your trade show exhibit investment, or these tips have motivated you to order an updated custom design – contact Dimensional Exhibits online, or call our team at (910) 292-2202 today. We’re proud to be your full-service solution for all your exhibit needs!