The Top Trends and Statistics You Need to Know for Effective Video Marketing in 2024

The Top Trends and Statistics You Need to Know for Effective Video Marketing in 2024

Video marketing is a transformative tool for businesses and digital marketers, and its power is evidenced by the projected 82% share of global internet traffic by 2025. As the new year unfolds, it’s crucial for businesses, including small enterprises and digital marketers, to remain informed and adapt to emerging trends and statistics in video marketing. In this article, we delve into the critical insights that will take your video marketing to the next level in 2024.

Personalization Will Be Key

Personalized video content has become a key element for an effective video marketing campaign, as over 80% of shoppers and audiences are more likely to engage with content that caters to them. For this reason, digital marketers are embracing AI-powered tools to create resonating, personalized content. In 2024, incorporating personalized video into your marketing strategy will be even more critical.

The Rise of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

AR and VR technologies are revolutionizing the video marketing industry. With a projected market size of $109 billion by 2026, event marketing professionals should take note. By incorporating these technologies into your strategy, you can create engaging experiences that captivate your audience.

Short-form Videos and TikTok Domination

With 82% of consumer internet traffic projected to be videos by 2025, TikTok and short-form videos are emerging as dominant trends in video marketing. Small businesses with limited budgets should pay attention, as this trend presents unique opportunities to engage with a larger, younger audience. Meaningful engagement with the younger demographic is essential for small businesses intending to remain competitive and enhance brand awareness.

Video Ads Generate More Shares

Video marketing is set to dominate the advertising world in 2024. Research reveals that video ads generate 12 times more shares than image-based ads and 88% of marketers agree that video improves ROI. Including video in your marketing efforts increases the likelihood of boosting customer engagement, brand awareness, and loyalty.

The Most Up-To-Date Marketing Strategies For Your Booth

Stay ahead with the latest trends and statistics in video marketing. Personalization, augmented and virtual reality, short-form videos, and the power of video ads are the trends to watch. By incorporating these into your video marketing strategy, create engaging videos that resonate with your audience and boost your business.

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