Refresh Your Trade Show Booth in 3 Cost-Effective Ways

Refresh Your Trade Show Booth in 3 Cost-Effective Ways

Trade shows are crucial to business success. They provide opportunities to meet vendors, prospective clients, and competitors. A business risks revenue without an adequate showing at a trade show, which is why creating an exciting and in-your-face booth design is paramount.

If you want to gain the attention of clients and vendors, you need to display your brand in a positive light. You also must focus on cost-effective and accessible design.

1. Take Advantage of Portability

Most likely, your business participates in several trade shows across the country, meaning ease of transport is essential for your display. The booth must contain portable elements that can go up and be taken down in a matter of minutes or seconds.

Modular booth setups are an excellent example of portability. The design allows you to customize your booth to various spaces, possibly changing the layout to suit a tighter or more oddly shaped spot.

If you can keep portability in mind when designing your booth, you will save yourself several headaches in the future. Also, if you are unsure how to make your booth more portable, consider talking to an expert with Dimensional Exhibits, LLC.

2. Save Money and Rent Display Items

In the rush to make your trade show booth stand out, you might make some quick and costly decisions. Most business owners make the mistake of thinking they need to own every piece of their trade show display, but this is expensive thinking.

Truthfully, you can rent a majority of the booth items, everything from the canopy to the tables. While rented items will not provide you with the custom look you want to draw in the clients, it does offer the necessary foundation.

It is less expensive to order custom tablecloths and posters to adorn tables than it is to purchase the tables. Save your company money and rent as much as possible — it will also help with storage issues later. Examples of booth rentals include:

  •   Exhibit kits
  •   Counters
  •   Hanging structures

3. Update Current Graphics for a Modern Design

How long have you been traveling the trade show circuit? Many companies have years of experience at trade shows, but despite their experience, they have done little to change or update their booth.

Times and styles change. If you want to make the most of your trade show experience, ensure you travel with a modern design. A modern, clean design will draw the eyes of prospective clients and hopefully get them to ask you questions about your business.

It’s OK if you are not comfortable with graphic design. You can talk to a professional artist with Dimensional Exhibits, LLC. to figure out your booth’s ideal layout, logo, and coloring.

Trade shows are essential to business success. The events provide opportunities for connections and potential sales. Unfortunately, many prospective clients may walk past without a fantastic booth design and clear display.

We are here to help. Let our artists and trade show experts help you figure out the best way to display your company and brand at the trade show venue. If you’re interested, contact Dimensional Exhibits, LLC. at  910-292-2202 for a FREE Estimate today!