5 Tips on Building Your New Exhibit

5 Tips on Building Your New Exhibit

Communicate Your Actual Budget With Bidders

People fear that sharing a budget means spending it all rather than being conservative. However, the experience is like home buying; without a reference figure, there is miscommunication, frustration, and, worst of all, wasted time.

For best results, provide a budget range. Communicate what exactly is included in the range, whether it is just the property or aspects of storage, shipping, and other additional costs.

Exhibit Builders and Designers Can Be Different 

It can be easier and more efficient for one exhibit house to respond to requests for proposals encompassing both fabrication and design. However, more discerning exhibit managers present separate RFPs for design and fabrication to maximize options and talents.

Explicitly Plan Audiovisual Elements Early in the Process

Audiovisual elements can quickly increase the price of a design. Rather than adding in tech where a build is lacking, build everything around the tech that would best communicate the company’s goals. This approach saves time and helps shape the right look and feel.

Select Flexible Options for Graphics and Print Sizes

Thoughtful budgetary planning is considering alternate ways to repurpose builds. Investing in flexible choices not only provides multiple ways to connect to attendees but also the ability to display different graphics. If you’re attending multiple shows, flexibility is critical for fresh and relevant communication.

Rather than selecting oversized panels, consider smaller options that have the versatility to be separated or remain connected for a larger format. Flexible builds are cost-efficient, saving money on both supplies and storage.

Stay Focused on Clear Messaging and Goals 

The innovation in exhibit design is nothing short of amazing. However, the bells and whistles meant to bring crowds in can sometimes overshadow messaging. Without informing attendees, a booth won’t reach the audience to drive company sales.

If you get stuck on technicalities, invite people from outside the industry to judge whether they can discern what the company does and if the design is engaging or not. If not, streamline the messaging.

Initial builds might feel like an endless maze of choices and options, but the next exhibit will be that much easier because of it. Even the most skilled professionals don’t always have the “What ifs?” and “Why nots?” figured out; they just do a better job of being flexible and keeping big-picture principles in mind to create a successful booth.

Trust The Experts

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