Top Tips for Dealing With Mishaps and Setbacks on the Exhibit Floor

Top Tips for Dealing With Mishaps and Setbacks on the Exhibit Floor

Any important task has its fair share of challenges, difficulties, and outright problems that will occur. That includes when you’re putting on an exhibit at a show.

However, what makes you a top professional is the ability to problem-solve and still accomplish vital goals. Consider common struggles that occur on the show floor and how to make the best of a tough situation.

How To Stay Calm and Productive

Before considering how to deal with any specific problems you might run into, create coping mechanisms and strategies to remain calm and think logically during a trying situation.

Your first impulse may be to lose your cool and assign blame. However, the most important thing at the moment is to put on the best show you can because you only have a limited window.

Whether you use a personal mantra, breathing exercises, or need to talk to someone to recalibrate, use a technique to get your mind right for resolving the situation.

When There’s a Tear in a Silicone Edge Graphic

Always have a sewing kit on hand for quick patches in your graphics. Match the stitch as closely as possible if the fabric separated itself from the silicone strip. Remember to be careful that the fabric tension is not too tight or loose. For large visible tears where you have no backlighting on your graphic, your best bet is double-sided carpet tape on the back side of the fabric.

Always keep extra sheets of Sintra on hand. You can add stickers and decals as a substitution if you don’t have time for the sewing job. Though you won’t be able to use backlighting, you’ll have a workable solution.

When You Can’t Find Good LeadsĀ 

This situation is one where you simply have to adjust your perspective. It’s probably not true that the show has no promising leads. You just need to work harder to find them.

Remember that you never know who might be a good prospect later. Plant seeds of interest by genuinely engaging everyone you can. Help your staff to keep their spirits up and remain positive as well.

You might use the slow time to see what others are doing on the show floor and get inspiration to refresh your booth design. Whatever you do, find ways to use your time productively and learn from the situation.

When Freight Goes Missing

After you compose yourself, start by figuring out where your freight is. Then determine if you could realistically get it to the show, even if it shows up during the event. Your delivery may be in transit, or the truck could be in the marshaling yard. That’s not ideal, but it’s better than it missing altogether.

If you can’t get your shipment there on time, talk to the general service contractor about other resolutions. You could possibly get a generic setup for the presentation. Do the best you can to highlight your brand and logo. Having something to display is better than nothing.

How To Minimize the Odds of Problems

Headaches and mishaps will eventually occur with your exhibits, but you can deal with them by preparing well. Usually, the best way to minimize challenges is by working with a reliable event services team. Call the crew at Dimensional Exhibits at (910) 292-2202 for professional assistance managing your exhibit needs.