What the Future of Trade Shows Looks Like Post Covid-19

What the Future of Trade Shows Looks Like Post Covid-19

COVID-19 is changing the landscape for many industries that rely on consumers and businesses being able to access their services. While trade shows have been affected by the pandemic, leaders are looking at innovative ways to manage the situation, with a bright future in mind. Businesses need the important exposure that large event spaces offer, so planners view this as a transformative moment to usher in new ideas and concepts to meet this need.

Whether you’re in the business of trade shows, or own a business who relies heavily on them as part of your overall marketing strategy, and feeling uneasy about events during these unnavigated pandemic times, don’t stress. Our team did a little research on what the future looks like when it comes to trade shows. 

A Catalyst for Change

By their nature, trade shows are the places you explore new ideas. Businesses need to get their information and products in front of the public. Large events provide companies with these unique advantages:

  • Networking opportunities
  • Brand awareness
  • Sales leads
  • Visual marketing
  • Customer interaction

The great news is that this will now happen with the use of virtual technology. Just as companies have adapted digital technologies to run their operations due to social distancing needs, trade show executives are geared up to break new ground using tech platforms to connect businesses in the same ways they appreciate with live shows.

A New Technological Advantage

Interactive technology is the key to the new trade show. Businesses, marketers and customers are already wired for visual technology. A superior advantage is that people are always connected, so being able to drop into their favorite event, instantly, is a win-win for everybody.

Currently, there are all-digital shows planned that allow customers to virtually explore products and services. They can speak with business representatives and participate in live demonstrations.

A New Business Advantage

There are exciting advantages with this new platform. This experience will reach people who have not been able to attend traditional shows in the past. And, recently, with COVID-19 affecting air travel, people who are prevented from being there in person are able to join and get the full experience.

The potential for a new customer base has businesses eyeing the landscapes of possibility. Even traditionalists, who are accustomed to the hands-on experience of live events, see the benefits of attracting a larger audience.

Another Dimension

The next level of trade show will be a hybrid physical and virtual experience. The conditions will be optimal for in-person attendees, with more space and a reconfigured floor plan, so people can move about safely and freely. New audiences brought in by digital technology will want to have a virtual option in the future, so these changes will be transitioned into the new show model.

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