Latest Technology Trends For Trade Show Exhibits in 2020

Latest Technology Trends For Trade Show Exhibits in 2020

New and exciting technological opportunities are emerging to make trade show exhibits more interactive, personable and customized. This has the potential to spark engagement and interest at an unprecedented rate. Following are a few examples of the technological innovations now available when imagining and designing your next trade show booth.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a tremendous asset to the world of trade shows. It can truly open up an experience and make it much more immersive for those looking into a booth or exhibit. For instance, if a booth advertises a trip to a particular location, virtual reality can offer a 3-dimensional sneak peek into that location to further ground and interest those at the booth.

Facial Recognition Software

Facial recognition software can effectively measure the mood and recognize facial expressions of those engaging with a booth or an exhibit. It can help companies and exhibitions gather a holistic inventory of how people reacted or responded to their booth. It also can be paired with virtual reality or live demonstration to weigh and compare the impact of different techniques.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making a drastic impact on just about every area of society, including the microcosm of trade shows. AI can help personalize the experience that attendees receive, and can ideally help match attendees with experiences and activities that are highly compatible with their interests. It can read and respond to attendees much quicker than humans, and be used as a tool by those running exhibits to more quickly tune into precisely what attendees want and value.

Creative Lighting and Visual Stimulation

Creative lighting and visual stimulation can help those running a booth or exhibit effectively and thoroughly transform their space. There are so many new ways in which light and projectors can be used Рone way is to have an enclosed area in your exhibit and fill it with visual stimulation; alluring your audience’s attention. Visual stimulation tends to be more effective when it comes to engaging people than auditory stimulation. When the two are paired together, however, it can create an incredibly captivating experience.

Live and Involved Demonstrations

Live and involved demonstrations provide a way for attendees to engage and interact with an exhibit hands-on. So many presentations require digital content to enable those running the booth to create a multi-faceted environment for the demonstration. It can provide a unique experience that can bring the person closer to the purpose and mantra of the exhibit.


These technological tools are not just meant to improve the world of trade shows – they are intended to revolutionize their exhibits, alter the way people interact and transcend the experience at a booth into a much more dynamic, holistic and immersive experience.

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