Should Business Owners Do Trade Shows in 2021?

Should Business Owners Do Trade Shows in 2021?

The pandemic halted live trade show events while social distancing became the universal norm. However, with vaccine rollouts and in-person contact now occurring worldwide, trade show managers and industry professionals see a bright light since the close of 2020. Enthusiasm for live events is growing and with it, the desire to launch conventional trade shows.

There is nothing like customers interacting with your products and seeing amazing presentations that a live event brings. Going forward, there may be a market for both live and virtual events to capture even broader trade show audiences. While some businesses had good responses to virtual exhibits last year, retailers are still excited about what live shows can do to reignite sales and pique customer interest.

Get Your Brand Out Front

After a long pause in business as usual, companies are competing for center stage. Trade shows get your brand noticed. Businesses offer dynamic exhibits to customers that allow people to see the capabilities of various products. Business owners also have one-on-one discussions and answer questions about their brand philosophy and passion for what they make, which is invaluable information for discerning buyers.

Grow Networking Opportunities

One great advantage of live trade shows is networking. Business-to-business relationships are a key part of these events. Companies find that interpersonal contacts open doors to new markets and grow their sales prospects in these ways:

  •  Reach existing customers with new product lines
  •  Attract new business leads
  •  Provide the opportunity to demonstrate and explain new products
  •  Help businesses dissatisfied with current suppliers

Business owners and marketing teams understand that in-person events provide an edge because their pitches happen in a spontaneous and meaningful way, and they can arrange formal meetings with clients on the spot.

Take Advantage of Visual Marketing

Visual marketing is the hallmark of modern trade shows. Visual branding is unique to each business and creates an electric atmosphere at these events. The return to live shows allows companies the opportunity to up their game and highlight their products in new and creative ways.

Reestablish Bonds With Customers

Due to the pandemic, businesses feel the need to connect with loyal customers. Many buyers have attended in-person trade shows for years and see these events as the way to form lasting business partnerships. Companies don’t want to ignore the importance of these venues and what they mean to their bottom line.

Is The Industry Moving Forward With In-Person Trade Shows? 

We have had many questions and concerns about if the trade show industry is truly ready to move forward – and the answer is, yes.

In fact, we’re seeing big money being spent on convention centers, with that intent. In Indianapolis, there is spending of up to $155 million to retain the American Dental Association convention in 2026. In Georgia, there is budgeting of $70 million to double Savanna’s convention center size. Cleveland – officials are looking at $30 million to upgrade an underused health technology center, to add on to the Huntington Convention Center, and the list goes on. In short, big moves are happening across the country.

Work With A Professional Event Management Team

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