8 Ways to Generate Leads at Trade Shows

8 Ways to Generate Leads at Trade Shows

Trade shows can be one of the most effective ways to build a network of clientele and industry contacts when done correctly. Avoid some of the most common trade show blunders with these 8 tips for generating more leads.

1. Read the Room

Every trade show is different. Even shows within the same industry may have different objectives or audiences and it is important to stay cognizant of the sort of people who will be attending the show. This allows you to create a plan tailored to the event’s audience; you’re more likely to generate leads when the visitors to your booth feel genuinely understood.

2. Run a Giveaway or Promotion

You have to give in order to get. Running a special offer such as a giveaway, contest or discount promotion is one of the easiest ways to draw a high amount of traffic to your booth. If ever there was a time to go big and splurge on a prize, a trade show is it.

3. Make Your Booth Fun

You want to hold visitors’ attention long enough to get their information, so adding some level of recreation to your booth is a great asset at a trade show. This can go hand-in-hand with our contest tip, or you can create totally separate forms of entertainment. Get great tips from our last blog here.

4. Choose Staff Carefully

When deciding which of your staff should man the booth at a trade show, select employees who thoroughly understand your company’s services or products as well as its practices, standards and mission. Moreover, select employees who are most likely to relate with the crowd at a given trade show.

5. Demonstrate Your Value

Assert yourself as a resource within your industry at trade shows. Plan presentations, offer informative literature and answer questions thoroughly and thoughtfully, then visitors are more likely to want to work with you later on.

6. Create a Plan with Objectives

First, be realistic about the number of leads you can expect to generate from a trade show. Then, develop a specific plan for how you’ll go about collecting them. Think about how you’ll draw people into your booth and key points to hit once they’re there.

7. Talk With Other Vendors

It’s not just trade show attendees proving valuable to you later on. Other vendors within your industry may be able to provide something your business is missing or vice versa. Treat the trade show as a networking experience, not just a sales opportunity.

8. Design Your Booth Thoughtfully

First impressions are based almost entirely on visual appeal. Design a booth reflecting your company’s core values and interests. Get creative! The most dynamic you make your booth look, the more likely you are to catch visitors’ eyes. Also keep in mind to make your booth inviting, not intimidating.

Before your next trade show, sink some time into imagining a perfect booth. Once you have the vision or if you need assistance, call us at (910) 292-2202 or contact us here and we’ll make it a reality!