7 Tips To Make Your Digital Event a Success

7 Tips To Make Your Digital Event a Success

Given the pandemic times we’re in, businesses are getting used to the idea of trying new outlets to drum up business and to stay relevant online – especially since so many businesses have gone digital in a big way. 

Virtual events are at the top of the digital marketing list when it comes to making sure companies are staying engaged with their target audiences. So, in a world full of digital competition, how do you make your online event stand out from your competitors’?

Not quite sure where to start? Don’t worry. Our team of virtual event experts put together a list of our top go-to’s when it comes to this, and here are our top seven tips and tricks to ensure your strategy is a winner! 

  • Create a Plan

You should not go live without a cohesive plan to head in the right direction. Consider the size of your audience, how long your event should be and what format works best – from conferences and webinars, to online workshops.

Keep in mind, the more interactive, the better; otherwise, you may not keep your attendees engaged.

  • Make It Relevant

What worked for one company is not necessarily going to work for you. Make sure your event is unique, highlighting what it is that makes you a leader in your industry. Research what has been done recently to confirm you are heading in a new, different direction.

  • Find Top Presenters

Aim high when thinking about speakers; digital events mean that you can possibly score a well-known expert that may not ordinarily be able to attend an in-person meeting or conference.

  • Partner With Sponsors

Joining forces with sponsors can also get positive attention and even a wider audience. Collaborations tend to create more excitement as well as to present another avenue to demonstrate your industry leadership.

  • Promote Like Crazy

Even the best digital event is not going to be well-attended if no one knows about it. Market across media platforms and email to secure your audience. Follow-up with reminders to encourage those who are interested to join in.

  • Know What Works

Yes, you want unique content, but no, you do not have to reinvent the wheel. Take advantage of what you already have, from stunning displays you’ve used or will use at in-person trade shows in the future, to your amazing graphics team to keep your event exciting, innovative and memorable.

  • Go for a Dry Run

Is there anything worse than technical difficulties during a virtual event?  Test your software and test it again. In addition, have your IT people standing by to find solutions for potential event-day glitches.

Work With The Best In Digital Presentation

These suggestions hopefully have you thinking of how to incorporate more digital events into your brand’s marketing strategies. Digital Exhibits can also help you with visual displays and more to take your event over the top.

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