Category: Technology Trends

How to Stand Out in a World of “Tech Noise”

In today’s digital age, exhibiting at trade shows can be challenging. With so much technology on the show floor, it’s easy for your presentation to get lost in the noise. In this article, we’ll explore what “tech noise” is and how you can ensure your exhibit’s presentation stands out amongst the competition. Understanding Tech Noise […]

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Refresh Your Trade Show Booth in 3 Cost-Effective Ways

Trade shows are crucial to business success. They provide opportunities to meet vendors, prospective clients, and competitors. A business risks revenue without an adequate showing at a trade show, which is why creating an exciting and in-your-face booth design is paramount. If you want to gain the attention of clients and vendors, you need to […]

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Latest Technology Trends For Trade Show Exhibits in 2020

New and exciting technological opportunities are emerging to make trade show exhibits more interactive, personable and customized. This has the potential to spark engagement and interest at an unprecedented rate. Following are a few examples of the technological innovations now available when imagining and designing your next trade show booth. Virtual Reality Virtual reality is […]

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