Create Engagement At Your Booth

Create Engagement At Your Booth

Trade shows present businesses with a great way to engage with potential customers and to get the word out about their business, products and services. However, simply being present at a trade show is not enough. You need to look for ways to make the most of this opportunity so that you can convert attendees into customers. With that being said, read on to discover a number of different trade show marketing approaches you can use to enhance engagement at your trade show booth.

It All Begins With The Booth

There is no denying that creating engagement at your booth all begins with the type of promotional booth you have. In order to be able to have engagement, you must first entice traffic to want to approach your booth. Your booth space needs to be something that is eye-catching yet represents your brand. It also needs to have a simple message-something complicated may create the opposite impact you want and come across as overwhelming to trade show attendees. Think of the booth as your foundation. Once your foundation is built, then you can focus on all of the extras, such as digital animation and social media engagement tools so that you can really stand out from other booths and boost your interaction.

Go Digital

Leading in from the former point, incorporating digital media and marketing into your booth is essential when it comes to creating engagement in the current day and age. There are so many different ways you can go about this – from QCodes that connect people to your social media pages, to interactive features such as photo booths, which people can then upload to their social media accounts; the options are endless. It is all about the sharability factor. What is going to give you the potential to reach people beyond the exhibition itself? You could even incorporate a live social media wall, which displays positive messages about your brand. Or, you can get people to share snaps on social media with a hashtag for you to upload to the wall!

Competitions and Contests

If there is one thing that we all love, it is getting something for free. At trade shows, it is natural to give out merchandise and such alike. However, you can add more fun and make your brand even more memorable by adding a competition element into this. This will enable you to build deeper connections with those in attendance. This is also a great way to get demographic information and contact captures. Contestants can enter by filling out a questionnaire including name, job title, location or whatever information would make sense with your business needs. If email addresses are what you are after, you can notify winners by email; guaranteeing a correct or current email address is being collected.

Virtual Reality

If you really want to get ahead of the game, why not consider virtual reality? This is still pretty new, giving it that novelty factor that will cause people to flock to your exhibition. Of course, you cannot use VR simply for the sake of using it; you need to make sure that it is cleverly branded to boost awareness. It sure does give that wow factor that will leave a lasting impression, where you can most likely depend on users to keep talking about it after the trade show has come and gone; helping to spread the “buzz” of their experience at your booth.

Ready to Engage?

As you can see, there are many options to be considered when it comes to creating a trade show booth that is engaging and captivates those in attendance. At Dimensional Exhibits, we create trade show booths that stand out from the crowd, perfectly capturing your brand identity and ensuring that you engage with as many customers as possible. For more information about maximizing engagement at your booth and standing apart from other businesses, call our experts at (910) 292-2202 or visit