Effective Exit Survey Questions for Tradeshow Booth Attendees

Effective Exit Survey Questions for Tradeshow Booth Attendees

Did you know… that the most important information learned by tradeshow vendors is found in exit surveys? It’s true. Exit surveys are a great roadmap tool, to learn what brand strategies reach and inspire consumers to engage with, and buy products.

Want to take a test drive on this, but not sure what questions to ask? No problem. Our tradeshow experts put the top questions you should be asking your tradeshow booth attendees, in order to get the most out of your tradeshow measuring experience. Check them out below!

What Questions Are in an Effective Tradeshow Survey?

Surveys should be designed to target specific information that businesses can use to understand consumer awareness and brand perception. Here is a list of eight strategic questions businesses need to acquire useful input from tradeshow booth attendees:

What are your impressions of our brand after visiting our exhibit?

This question allows you to identify whether your brand strategy positively influences buyers and gauge whether your exhibit had its intended effect.

How will your experience today affect your annual purchasing plan?

This is an important return on investment question that moves potential customers to think about their purchase process while at your exhibit.

Were the activities informative and helpful to you?

This captures information on the value of your presentation and the effectiveness of your targeted messages.

Do you find our promotional merchandise easily? 

Giveaways at tradeshows are vital for brand awareness, and visitors must know you are actively promoting your brand.

What was your favorite part of the exhibit?

Getting direct feedback about your presentation and demonstrations is the key to designing content for future shows.

Did you learn something new about our business?

This is a determiner of awareness about your specific brand because visitors take in a lot of information at tradeshows.

Did the staff answer your specific questions?

Personalization of the tradeshow experience is huge to driving sales and repeat business. Engagement is key and is important for both new and loyal customers.

Was your overall impression of the exhibit positive?

A general takeaway from visitors gives you necessary feedback on your staging and production of the event. This helps you develop an effective approach for future shows.

What Are Some Other Key Factors for Exit Surveys?

Exit survey questions should have a list of easy-to-check responses that correspond with what is being asked. The point is to garner as much information as possible from visitors without making the process tedious.

Leave room for customers to provide longer written responses to each question. If a person is willing to provide a detailed response about your exhibit, a comment section gives them room to offer additional data about brand impact.

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