The Ultimate Trade Show Prep Checklist

The Ultimate Trade Show Prep Checklist

Trade shows can be a marketer’s dream or a potential pitfall. If you go into trade show season with a great plan, you can generate leads, build brand awareness and come away with some great insights into your industry and customers.

Whether it’s your first trade show or you have attended multiple, there is always room to improve your trade show game! Our team put together the ultimate trade show checklist to ensure you’re more than ready for the next one.

Use this checklist to help you make the most of your trade show experiences.

Before Trade Show Season 

Instead of just taking any opportunity that comes along, determine what you want to get out of a trade show. Make a spreadsheet of expos that are relevant to your business. Include dates, registration costs, themes and any other relevant information for comparison. Determine your budget.

From here, choose trade shows that fit your objectives – not ones that change your goals.

10 to 12 Months Out

Get your registration paperwork together and work with the organizer to understand the specifications of the event. Know your booth size and if there are any additional options, such as electrical hook ups, lighting, etc. Learn what marketing opportunities are available. Know the projected number of attendees. Get an idea of how the floor flows.

Ideally, you might have attended the trade show yourself to have a feel for the atmosphere. Start working on your booth design and promotional events. Make hotel reservations. Determine how you’re traveling, in order to make reservations as soon as possible to get better deals.

6 to 9 Months Ahead

Fine-tune your booth design and branding literature. It may seem early, but you want time to source marketing materials and giveaways. Your booth design may need editing or reprinting. Think about lighting, posters and traffic flow. Start reaching out to your audience.

Build a buzz about your involvement in the show by sending out emails, postcards and posting on social media.

1 to 3 Months Before the Show

Confirm all the details with the organizer. Finalize any travel arrangements. Start packing supplies and practicing your messaging. Have an inventory checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything. Make sure to have a good supply of business cards.

Create a list of tasks for the trade show and delegate to the team members. Don’t leave anything to chance. Tip: it’s also a good idea for the trade show team to make sure they have good shoes that are comfortable for all day standing.

A Week Before the Trade Show

Use the lists that you’ve prepared to go over the game plan – this will ease any stress going into the show. Execute the plan. Most importantly, enjoy the show! 

Contact The Trade Show Experts

When it comes to trade show booth design, make a great impression with attendees and don’t leave anything to chance. Discuss your trade show needs and budget with the team at Dimensional Exhibits to find the trade show displays and tools that fit your business and will best represent your brand and message. Call our trade show experts at (910) 292.2202 today!