How to Choose the Best Location on the Show Floor for Your Exhibit

How to Choose the Best Location on the Show Floor for Your Exhibit

Usually, a trade show floor is ridiculously large, with a plethora of spaces to choose from-especially if you register early enough.

Although, as trade-show connoisseurs know, every vendor space is not created equal. Some spaces are good for many different exhibits, while other spaces are better suited for a specific type of vendor.

Here are three tactics to help you decide how to go about choosing the best location on the show floor for your exhibit.

Plan Out Your Goals

Before even thinking about attending a trade show, you should have a plan-a set of goals you would like to achieve.

A part of that plan should incorporate where you want to be situated on the sales floor.

Think about your exhibit. Decide how much room you will need, how interactive your exhibit is, how loud your exhibit is, and how attention-grabbing it is.

Decide if you would like to be near your competitor-after all, competition is good- or you would rather have your own turf, where you don’t have to risk your competitor potentially watching your every move.

All these thoughts are important to consider when you are planning out your goals for the upcoming show.

Get the Lay of the Land

For the most part, each trade show has an available map of vendor exhibits, with either specific brands, or industry specifics sectioned off in certain places. The earlier you can look at that map, the better.

The ideas that this map will give you will inspire not only a location but the opportunities each possible location provides.

Being close to the door, where people first walk in is optimal, but if that isn’t possible, don’t worry. With this map, you can find another location that suits your brand and plan accordingly.

Keep a Log

Every event is unique, and every venue comes with challenges that are impossible to anticipate.

So, the best way to combat that is to keep an annual log.

Write down what you liked about each location and what you want to improve.

Then, the next year, take the notes into consideration when choosing your spot, until you find the premier location for your exhibit.

In summation, the many options available to vendors at trade show events can be daunting if you are unsure about where your brand would fit best. However, by utilizing these tactics, you are sure to choose the best possible location on the show floor for your exhibit.

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